Rescuing Children

Our Chayil company of women are passionate about rescuing and developing children to their full potential; supporting and establishing orphanages and schools.  Please see our www.covenantgardenestate.org

Helping Women

We are committed to "empowering women for greater influence" in faith, family, career, business and ministry to become vessels of His love and power.  We provide teaching, training and mentorship and opportunities for women to serve God and others.  Through Micro Financing, CWI plans to develop self help organized groups for poor women to improve their socio-economic conditions with entrepreneurial activities. Micro-finance experts generally agree that women should be the primary focus of service delivery, for when a woman prospers her children will be fed and sent to school.

Strengthening Families

Through CWI, women will be trained and empowered to create their world where their families can be secure, healthy and prosper to become strong and influential in their communities.

Community Service

CWI women bring help and support to the poor in local communities through feeding programs, teaching and training programs; providing basic food items; medical missions and help for disaster relief.