Dr Pat’s Bio

Dynamic, spiritual, visionary, humanitarian, caring and understanding are just a few words to describe Pat Francis, the Founding Pastor of Kingdom Covenant Ministries, a strong multi-cultural influential Church in Mississauga, Greater Toronto Area, Canada.

She graduated from the University of West Indies in 1975 in the medical field of Radiography and later a Doctorate in Philosophy, Religious Education and Psychology at California Christian University. Her calling and destiny guided her towards her life’s purpose of transforming lives with the powerful message and love of Jesus, and helping people to discover their intrinsic glory, and the potential great glory within.

In 1999 she became the Founding Pastor of Kingdom Covenant Ministries [KCM],, with an attendance of 700 people on the first Sunday. Since then KCM has grown to thousands, becoming a strong influential Church with a multi-cultural congregation, headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Among her many noteworthy titles and positions, Dr. Pat is president of Pat Francis Ministries (PFM), , a missions and humanitarian organization that provides aid to the poor and disaster relief to nations.  PFM rescues desperate children, support orphanages and schools, and developed a home for orphans and abandoned children, “Covenant Garden Estate”, in Mathibestad, South Africa.  

She is president of Acorn to Oak Youth Services which helps "at risk" youth and young adults in need of academic, social, and judicial help. Her burden for children and youth resulted in the development of many youth programs and schools such as Kingdom Covenant Academy (Preschool to High),  and Kingdom Covenant Leadership Institute (Leadership and Bible school) with specialized programs that foster a "0-failure Culture".

Among her charities are: CHAYIL Women International (CWI), with a tagline, "Empowering women for greater influence", and CHAYIL Leadership Network (CLN),, tagline, “Networking for greater possibilities”. CLN is a forum for business and professional leaders to build relationships, partnerships with global connections, and integration of societies.

In the spirit of "charity and enterprise," Dr. Pat is the CEO of the Elomax Capital, Elomax Capital connects investors to business, real estate and development projects in Canada and developing nations.

In November 2010, Dr. Pat led a Trade Delegation, with a combined US$1 billion, to Accra, Ghana. This group included Global Business Leaders from many sectors such as mining, technology, financial, agriculture, energy, and infrastructural development. She participated in Trade and Business Conferences in Singapore, Indonesia, Korea and Toronto.

She is a member of the Women's Presidents' Organization, a membership organization of High Profile women and top CEOs with multimillion dollar companies in North America and other nations.

Dr. Pat has been honored with several awards both in Canada and USA for her many initiatives and programs that provide solutions for youth and the community. In 2004, she was a awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the United States Senate of New Orleans and in 2005 she received a Civic Award from the City of Mississauga. In 2008.

Dr. Pat was appointed to the United Nations through a Non-Government Organization [NGO] with influence as a Transformational Activist to deal with humanitarian issues, systemic poverty and, in partnership with world leaders, help children and families at risk. She currently works with developing nations with initiatives for economic and industrial development.

Above and beyond these impressive accolades, Dr. Pat's vision is simple: "To serve God and humanity and to make my world a better place". Dr. Pat travels the world sharing her message of hope that is transforming lives with the love of Jesus, and helping people to discover their intrinsic glory and the potential great glory within.  She is an international conference speaker. Her message has impacted thousands of lives across the world.

She is the author of several inspiring transformational books, and has published over 125 motivational CD and DVD titles, including: The Ultimate Secret, Achieving New Levels of Financial Prosperity, How to Create and Rule Your World, Dreaming and Designing Your Destiny, to name a few. She is also host of the weekly Television Program, "Good News with Dr. Pat Francis" which airs across Canada and other nations. Her latest book, Altars to our King of Glory, has been translated in several languages.

Dr. Pat possesses a unique ability and gift to engage with all people regardless of their age, status or station in life.  Dr. Pat Francis resides in Greater Toronto Area, Canada.

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