• Chayil Women Conference 2019
  • Kingdom Covenant Conference 2019

Chayil Women Conference Jan 17-19, 2019

With host John Eckhardt and a team of Dynamic Speakers

Register at johneckhardt.global
Majestic Life Church | 821S Kirkman Rd, Orlando FL 3281

Chayil Women Conference 2019



Kingdom Enforcers 2019

Summon Your Power Oh God

Kingdom Enforcers Conference May 15-19, 2019

Make Toronto your destination. Come to the gathering of passionate leaders and believers coming together from nations to create a convergence of faith, power, and glory for a great awakening and experiencing the CHAYIL Glory of God. Our team of powerful and dynamic speakers include Dr. Pat Francis, Dr. Julius Suubi, Bishop William Dawson and others.

Theme: "Summon Your Power Oh God".

• Join the Daily Boot Camp Prayer
• Experience fresh Baptism With Glory
• Growing in ever-increasing glory
• Covenant Wealth Luncheon
• Network and form relationships with Global Church, Business & Professional Leaders

Pastors, Leaders bring your Entire Team, Leadership, Staff, Congregation for training.

Register at kec.patfrancis.org