Annual Events

Chayil Women International Conference

Theme: "Empowering Women for Greater Influence."  "The Lord gives the command; the company of women who proclaim the good tidings are a great host." Psalm 68:11.

Toronto, Canada, October 24-27, 2013

Speakers: Drs. Pat Francis, Anna McCoy, Pamela Hardy, Linda Wallace, Sharon Nesbitt, and Diane Craig, Michele Bailey, Ohenewa Akuffo.



Worship, Seminars, Impartation, Networking

Niagara Falls Tour, Sunday Evening **** optional.



Our International Conference is held in Toronto, Canada annually and is a gathering of a company of passionate Chayil women with influence in family, ministry, career, business and all areas of society.  The Conference starts Thursday night and ends on Sunday Afternoon.  Saturday evening will be our Chayil Power Tunnel for the release of anointing for wisdom, wealth and greater influence in each delegate.  Our seminars will focus on faith, family, health, finances and prophetic training empowering women for greater influence and a greater world.