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Why Membership?

By becoming a Chayil Member you will be connected to a company of Chayil Women globally. The grace of Chayil manifests in wisdom, power, virtue/honor, favor, wealth and influence.  As we join our hearts and hands together we become greater in influence for greater works and manifested glory.
Join our Chayil Company today and download your free ebook on "Preparing Yourself For Increase"  for the Grace of Chayil.  Membership is free.  We welcome you.  You will immediately begin to receive daily inspiration, encouragement and opportunities to join us as we make our world a better place.     

As a Chayil Member you will:

• Join a company of Global Chayil Leaders for new possibilities
• Receive daily inspiration and encouragement from Dr. Pat
• Receive daily prayer and covering by our Chayil Intercessors
• Receive access for weekly online Chayil Training
• Receive regular newsletters from Dr. Pat our Chayil Leaders
• Participate in Chayil Power Groups

Join now ....

Order your Chayil Leadership Training Package "What you know, understand and embrace you become".  Package includes:
• How to Create and Rule Your World, by Dr. Pat Francis, 8 DVDs and Book (free) – US$95
• Let The Nations Rejoice, by Dr. Pamela Hardy - US$20
• The Ultimate Secret, by Dr. Pat Francis - US$20
• Chosen for Greatness, by Dr. Sharon Nesbitt - US$20
• Agents of Influence, by Dr. Pat Francis, 8 DVDs and Book (free) - US$95
"Be trained to train others".  Total Cost $250.  Sale price for members  "$200"

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your Chayil Leadership Training Package. Order now.